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Old 02-12-2009
Ajman planetx
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Post BattleForge


Experience real-time strategy in a whole new dimension! Every battle is different, every army unique. Create your own fighting force from mighty creatures and powerful soldiers. Lead your army in epic online battles - together with your friends or against them!


Fight alone in single-player missions or in a team with up to twelve participants. In addition to 1on1 duels, various tournament modes and a fiercely contested ranking list await you in PvP.

Four powers determine the balance in the world of BattleForge. Each of these powers has its own special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Use the full array of spells, magical constructs and powerful units for your strategy. Surprise your opponents with a perfectly armed fighting force - for every battle situation.

The cards represent your tools of war: units, buildings and spells that are conjured directly onto the battlefield. Assemble the perfect fighting force before the battle, choosing from your ever-increasing collection, and lead it into the battle. Rare cards open up completely new tactics for you and are highly sought after for swapping at the in-game market place!

Very interesting game, I've tried out the beta and it seems very fun.
There are a lot of cards and a lot of units in the game, you can play scenario missions with other online players, engage in sparing and in duels.
The economy system is similar to COH, in which you capture power buildings and orb buildings.
Units are very fun, good looking and nice abilities.
If you think DOW 2 is good, you should check out this game, you can obviously trade and sell cards or get them in gameplay.
So far from the little games I've played the only problem is that it seems a bit unbalanced, especially considering melee units can't shoot air units and there are some really powerful air units that you need tons of lower power units to deal with them.

Also capturing walls is too powerful, you instantly gain control of the map and the opposing player will need huge amount of units to break through.
Building walls should cost a lot more and have higher build time.

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