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Diablo Discussion Enter the Uncertain Realm Dominated by an Epic Conflict.

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Old 03-09-2006
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Default Geno's Skellimancer - (Larry "Geno" Meyers)

Geno's Skeleton Master (Skelly-Geno, level 74 when I quit.)

Skill point allotment:

20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
1 Clay Golem
1 Skeleton Mage
1 Golem Mastery
1 Revive (You'll see why in a minute)
20 Summon Resist
1 Amp damage
1 Weaken
1 Terror
1 Decrepify
1 Iron Maiden
1 Life tap
1 Lower resist
1 Teeth
5~ (Was currently leveling) Corpse Explosion

Stat distrobution:

85 Strength
140 Dexterity
??? Vitality (I put everything here once I reached everything else)
125 Energy (This, in the end, was way too much with full Trangs. Reduce this to about 60 or 70, and it's perfect for constant cast, even when raising every minion at once, you'll be fine.)


Trang-Oul's Helmet (Ral'ed)
Trang-Oul's Belt
Trang-Oul's Gloves
Trang-Oul's Shield (P Dia'ed)
Trang-Oul's Armor (Ort'ed)
Carin Shard Wand
Rare ring with resist
Rare ring with resist
Tearhaunch Greaves (I needed better... But the resists were nice! ^.^)
+3 Summon skills amulet (Magical, of course... If you can get a second mod, it helps!)
Charms: None that I had at the time. Summon charms would be the obvious choice, though. Having more Skeletons with more life is awesome

Hotkeys were as follows:

F1 = Skeleton
F2 = Clay Golem
F3 = Revive
F4 = Skeleton Mage
F5 = Amplify Damage
F6 = Lower Resist
F7 = Firewall
F8 = Fireball

Usage of hotkeys:

This enabled me to use the left side of the Fkeys for summons, and once I had all that I needed, switch over and use my right side. I'd kick on amp all the time, even against one foe. With no shortage of mana and 60% regen from Trang's, I was good to go. Tons of mana = tons of cast. That's why I kept Lower resist handy, as well. Whenever I'd hit a pack of monsters, and my skeletons tanked the front, I'd kick in lower resist far, far back, and hope to God it wouldn't hit the front of the pack, thanks to the giant radius, due to tons of +skills... But anyways, then I'd pound away with Firewall, and fireball the front lines alternating. Once in a while, against bosses, I'd use Meteor over firewall, but I'd have to manually switch to it. I prefered firewall, only because of a larger area, and I cow'ed a lot with him. I know, cows suck, but to me, it was fun! I enjoyed hearing the moos of help...

Logic behind so few skills in certain areas:

But anyways, back to skills. Why only one point in mages and revives? Here's the logic:

I have tons of +skills. With mastery maxed, mages and revives are getting the biggest boost they'll get. Mages only get life, and Revives only allow for more creatures per point. But in the end, with my equipment, I had this:

31 Raise Skeleton
31 Skeleton Mastery
12 Clay Golem
12 Skeleton Mage
12 Golem Mastery
12 Revive
31 Summon Resist
7 Amplify Damage
7 Weaken
7 Terror
7 Decrepify
7 Iron Maiden
7 Life tap
7 Lower resist
8 Teeth
12~ Corpse Explosion

This was after all the +skills set in. Amazing, eh? Just one point in each curse gives me such a boost back! Think about this: You may not get boosts from the points, but even then, it doesn't matter. I had tons upon tons of creatures roaming the field. And if I ever needed more, I'd just revive them. If anything died, pick it up again. My clay Golem was a tank in itself. I remember leveling it a little before this Necro switched to non ladder (Yes, this was ladder.)

How to use this Summoner:

Basically, the tactic is stand back and let the summons work for you. But even then, with the insane amount of mana I had, I used Firewall and Lower resist to back me up. Another thing to remember is that Amp damage is a cheap curse that allows for double damage. Make use of it! Skeletons with Amp damage on their side can take down ANY monster in the game, if used properly. Amp removes Physical immune. The only other curse that can do this is Decrepify, which I used on tough monsters like Duriel to slow them down as well. Decrep is your friend against fast moving foes and hard hitters. It will slow them down enough to where your summons won't take as much damage, and yet, will still dish it out at a higher percent.

Another thing to remember is that Trangs is your friend. As a vampire, you have faster movement, but a slower cast speed. Faster movement is nice in normal and nightmare, when you rush people (If you're bored like I was -.-'), and in Hell, it can get you by monsters if you don't want to fight them, like in the Chaos Sanctuary.

Another nice thing to remember is that if your skeletons just tanked a lot of monsters and you think they're low life, just switch to Life Tap, and let them pummel some nice, big life monsters. That'll rejuvinate them

Closing statement:

All in all, my summoner was perfect for me. Not a lot of uber clicking, but it didn't hurt. The equipment is kind of hard to come by (At least the belt and helm...), but it could have been a lot worse. And people asked me why did I Ral and Ort my armor and helm? The reason was resists. With those pieces taken care of, I had full resists in Hell, in the end, which was a big help. Always remember, too, that if you get really toasted by monsters, and your skeletons start dropping, use Corpse Explo. That will be a lifesaver in areas like Chaos Sanctuary and the Throne room. The more you drop, the more you kill. I didn't keep it on a hotkey, however, as my skeletons rarely needed it, except against Lister... Other than him, nothing stood in my way. I've seen them Tank Hell Diablo before, and lose a minimum of monsters. If you get hit, though, you were screwed, even with as much Vitality as I had...

I hope this helps you out a bit. If you have any questions, ask me. I'll try and answer them to the best of my knowledge, as I haven't played in nearly 2 months... x.x

~Larry "Geno" Meyers
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