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Old 01-22-2009
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Default Map Project: Mercenaries III

Here is a quick "catch-up" on the previous maps:

March 26, 1999
[[Universal News Network]]
[[Outpost 782XJG, Koprulu sector]]
The pirates of New Trinidad have been plundering the shipping lanes and outlying outposts across the Koprulu sector for decades. The constant governmental shifts, coupled with the recent UED conflict in that sector, have made the creation of a standing militia strong enough to deal with the threat impossible.
In an attack launched from their impregnable space station over the empty world of New Trinidad, sustained shelling from Arclite Siege Tanks led to the death of Jacqueline Angel, heiress to the Angel Shipping empire. Reliable sources within the shipping conglomerate have reported the transfer of considerable funds to the accounts of local authorities for the expressed purpose of retaining groups of mercenaries to remove the pirate threat once and for all.
[[End News Brief]]

  • 192x128 Platform
  • Designed for 1-3 Players vs the Computer with Use Map Settings
  • Trigger-driven map with special Victory Conditions and modified units

January 31, 2001
"We are the men of intrinsic value, who can strike our fortunes out of ourselves, whose worth is independent of accidents in life, or revolutions in government: we have heads to get money, and hearts to spend it."
- George Farquhar
  • 192x256 Twilight
  • Designed for 1-3 Players
  • Use Map Settings
  • Requires Brood War to Play


The First map project (meaning I don't want to do this one alone) is Mercenaries III. I came up with 9 sets of heros a new map idea and basically using the same trigger idea from Mercenaries II, but not forgetting the features Mercenaries I had (such as difficulty, Hero Selection, etc), plus NEW ideas from us Team Developers! (maybe if we can balance it, we can have other mercs vs each other)

Below is a list of Hero/Mercenary Ideas for the Project, if your interested to be in the project, feel free to reply. If your not interested, well that's fine to, feel free to read the posts

Hero samples: Race - Mercenary, Leader
  • Terran - Goliath, Science Vessel
  • Terran - Siege Tank, Battlecruiser
  • Terran - Wraith, Ghost (Sarah Kerrigan)
  • Protoss - Dragoons, Arbiter
  • Protoss - Reavers, Carrier
  • Protoss - Scouts, High Templar
  • Zerg - Ultralisk, Queen
  • Zerg - Guardians, Infested Terran (Infested Kerrigan)
  • Zerg - Zerglings, Defiler

It is an idea that is WIP, and with your help, It could become an awesome UMS map, but the decision is yours. I need a bunch of unit balance ideas, Terrain developed, Triggers implemented (which I will probably do alot of), and many new idea to come into the map. I don't want to reveal to much more idea since I want to hold it off for developers.

Let me know what you think
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