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St. Julta
Class A Battle Ship
Captain John Mason

Log Entry: 00:24

Emergency. Situation critical. Activation of code RED. I don't know how they've done it. I don't understand. The Julta is one of the most secure vessels in Cascadian space, and we're stationed right outside Cascadia herself- yet we are completely compromised. The Pirates, they're onboard. We're not sure how many they are, but we've lost control of some of the lower levels, a vast amount of key access points - they're even on the way to the bridge. The doors have been sealed, and a score of men-at-arms have been hauled to our defence.

It's hard to tell what's happening, without radios or sensors, this ship is too large to recon on foot. My guess is the pirates will soon mount an attack on the forcefield generator, and the warp engines, to completely knock the Julta out of service - all the while, we're surrounded by two Cascadian destroyers who have no idea we're under attack from within. My only hope is, that they realise we are not responding to their regular radio intervals, and they will send troops to investigate.

God help us. They are at the doors. It sounds like there is many of them - how did they get onboard? How? If we do not hold them, they will surely kill us all. This could be my last entry, to those who find this, don't make our deaths invain, find out how the pirates have managed such a significant infiltration, and prevent it from happening.

They're here.


James Westmill stood in rigid attention amongst his men, staring blankly at the giant doors of the forcefield generator. The looks on the faces of his squad told him they were bored shitless - well, so was he. He couldn't understand why Security Command had placed three squads, including Bravo, to watch one room with only one point of entry, and that was already guarded by an assignment of two of Mason's personal guard. Hector and Octavian could have better been used to patrol the hangers, or some intersections. Placing three squads here was more or less, in Westmill's eyes, a waste of resources, which would result in overstretching the security teams even more. In silent contemplation, he tried to work out this strangle, inefficient and uncharacteristic deployment.

Meanwhile, Plato, one of Octavian's Cascadian Knights, was also troubled - but by something else. He knew the members of Bravo squad well, for he had served with them, and usually whenever he met them, on or off duty, they would acknowledge him with the honourable Knight salute. However, they had ignored him when he entered the generator room. More over, they had their visors down, which is something Bravo never did unless they were in combat - they were proud of who they were, proud of being merciless killers, they saw no reason to hide their faces. Something was wrong.

Curiosity drove him to fall out of formation, much to Captain Westmill's dismay. He called to the members of Bravo squad.

"Bravo squad, honour's greeting." He yelled.

No response came, none of them even twitched in his direction. Something was wrong.

"Get back in line you fucking tin-wearing transexual." Roared Westmill, placing a firm hand on Plato's shoulder.

Plato turned to the captain, and looked him in the eyes with the utmost seriousness. "Sir." He hissed. "Somethings not right."

Westmill nodded. "Damn fucking right it's not, some Cascadian Knight dick face thought he could leave the line. You're going to be scrubbing my boots for a -"

There was a large crash, and the room shook violently. Hector squad's cards, dice and magazines flew about the place, and they scrambled to their feet in alertness. Some members of Octavian squad fell flat on their arse, but Bravo squad had been untouched, they were bracing themselves as if they were expecting it.

"What the fuck was that?" Called Captain Hedges from Hector's play-corner. He picked his berret up from the floor, dusted it, and placed it back upon his shaven head.

Westmill shook his head. "Fuck knows, it felt like the Julta was hit by something."

Plato had focused on Bravo team during the whole escapade, and was now extremely distrustful of them. Whilst the rest of Octavian squad exchanged curses and explanations for the vibrations, he kept a firm vigil on the unshaken Bravo squad.

Suddenly, from behind the giant doors of the forcefield generators, there were sounds of gunfire. Squeaks of laser rifles echoed from the hallway beyond, and all attention in the room focused on the doors.

"Get back in line you dogs, guns up, get those machineguns deployed." Bellowed Westmill. He turned to Bravo. "What the fuck is up with you? Get over here and help us."

"We'll help." Laughed the foremost Cascadian Knight. "Pirates, kill these Cascadian whimps."

Westmill gasped - he couldn't believe it. Was he hearing right? The fact that the Knight was holding a Repeater in his direction told him that, yes, he was - very much so. For the millionth time in his career, he was staring into death.

Yet, Plato had not been idle, he leapt forwards, ahead of the captain, shield held firm. The Repeater barked a trio of lasers, but they were absorbed harmlessly. In response, Plato lowered his shield, aimed his own Repeater, fired, and hit the Knight directly between the eyes - penetrating the pirate's visor and killing him instantly. These imposters were not Knights, they were merely wearing the armour of Bravo team - yet still, they were formiddable oponents.

Hector squad directed their rifles towards the remainder of Bravo team - eleven Cascadian Knights, who were now wielding their shields and aiming their Repeaters. There was no cover, it was a slaughter. Captain Hedges fell, his face melted off on the right side. Two of his men fell with him, gaping holes between their chests.

"Octavian squad! Kill these fuckers!" Roared Captain Westmill, leaping into the action.

He brushed past Plato and sprinted for the nearest Knight - who had his attention focused on Hector squad. He fired a few shots, but these were absorbed by the Knight's armour - doing nothing more than gaining his awareness of the captain's charge. He swung his Repeater at James and held down the trigger. However, James was no mere rookie, he was a veteran, he ducked with the reflexes of a scorpian, rolled forwards, and emerged with his Repeater poised in the face of his enemy. A quick tap of the trigger sent another pirate to his knees.

Now there was ten. Hector squad had been quickly slaughtered. Octavian squad now stood exposed - an enemy infront and an soon to be enemy behind. It was a time for heroes.

"Get behind the Knights!" Shouted Westmill, indicating Plato, Julsador and Hulgra. "Use the fuckers as cover."

The Knights reacted to his orders with deadly efficiency, and quickly formed a three-man shield wall for which the squad could hide behind. These were Westmill's final orders. He was in the midst of the enemy, his suicidal charge had sealed him. He accepted his fate calmly. Octavian squad saw their Captain explode into a red power as he was hit by ten differant Repeaters.


I will now be taking over as Plato. Jame's death was part of the plot, he was chiefly there so you guys could immerse yourselves a little in the atmosphere. From now on, i will not be controlling what you do, but i will hint at it via Plato, and the Captain's log entries. This has been done so more freedom can be given to the players. I hope you're enjoying yourselves this far in.

For a quick re-cap, the pirates are not invincible, but they are wearing Cascadian Knight armour - grenades will quickly dispatch them, and also, well aimed shots to the visors. UED's char can put her rifle to good use here. You're also standing behind three of your own Cascadian Knights, who have formed a barrier for you to hide behind - but its only a matter of time before the pirates try to outflank you. Remember you have your backs to the doors, which sound like they will be opened very shortly, so time is a factor.

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