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Default Roleplay 2016: Rise of the Reds

This roleplay was inspired by the “Modern War RPG.”

Roleplay 2016, the Rise of the Reds.


On December 1stth, 2008, Taiwan attempted to declare themselves as an independent government. Even though the United States advised Taiwan not to make this move, but the government really had no choice, since their recently elected president’s campaigned on the promise of independence.

The United States urged China not to take any military action, but they would not hear it. On December the 15rd war broke out between the newly independent Taiwan and China. An amphibious invasion was launched by China but driven back, and an air war began. Stretched thin by the war in Iraq and fearful of a Nuclear conflict, America did not intervene.

On December 25th to the shock of the world, China launched yet another amphibious invasion that successfully subdued Taiwan. Though Officially the United States was neutral in the war, relations between the two nations worsened when a squadron of buried F-16 fighters we’re recovered by the Chinese.

In early January, 2008, the newly elected President of the United States fulfilled his promise to the American people and all troops were recalled from Iraq. A Civil War quickly broke out and hundreds of thousands of civilians were slaughtered in it. While America was hit hard for this in the international community (particularly because they had started the war in the first place) China, still angered by the Taiwan issue, gave America some of the harshest criticism.

On October 10th, 2010, a series of border disputes between the Russian Federation and China led to the Chinese to covertly start supporting a Neo-Communist revolution that was beginning to stir in Siberia. The Revolution was started mainly because of the deterioration of the Russian economy; they felt it would be better off like the old days.

On June 21st, 2012, North Korea successfully detonated their first topside Nuclear Weapon. Even though the Chinese hadn’t supported the North Koreans for years, they did not condemn them for this act, and even supported them.

On February 10th, 2014, the Russian Federation, after suffering a series of losses at the hands of the Neo-Communist revolution, discovered the Chinese backing of it. War was officially declared between the Russian Federation on the 15th, and Germany (now in an Alliance with Russia), declared war the following week. Though no Nuclear Weapons were fired, missile silos were set on high alert, and skirmishes broke out everywhere on the Eastern Russian Tundra. Fearing the worst, the United States began to develop its failed Star Wars program once again. Soon after, North Korea, now backed by the Chinese, declared war on South Korea. It was only a matter of weeks before they were overrun. The United States, who's citizens were still sore over the defeat in Iraq, did not intervene.

On March 15th, 2015 History was made when the first colony ship of Earth made it’s landing on the moon. The Colonists consisted mainly of North Americans and several corporations in the United States sponsored it. China believed that the base was a great threat to their security, and another Space Race began when China launched its very own colony ship. This triumph was bitter sweet because at the same time the Russian Federation were threatening a Nuclear Attack on the ‘Neo-Soviet’ army that was rapidly approaching Moscow. The Chinese Threatened to do the same, and on May 3rd fired a series of nukes at Russian Federation military targets as a preemptive strike. It was then when America finally decided to Intervene. It’s new satellite weapons locked onto the missile and destroyed it.

As the carcass of the missile plummeted to the ground, China and it’s allies declared war on the United States, and the rest of the world began to chose their sides. Nukes were no longer part of the equation except if low altitude bombers delivered them. Though America expected China to back down after the impressive show of force, only a month later China launched a series of 15 rockets carrying their own defensive satellites, though 10 out of 15 of the rockets were shot down, 5 satellites made it into orbit, negating any American nuclear weapons as well. Space Combat between the laser-weapon based satellites was out of the question; they only worked by targeting objects as they entered orbit or when they were descending. Special ships would have to be made in order to down these particular weapons. On the ground Allied troops were being sent to Russia to reinforce the Federation, as well as to Japan to reinforce her in case of communist invasion. Also, because of it's already weakened state, Iraq was easily 'liberated' by China and a communist government was set up in place of the previous state of anarchy.

One year later the conflict in Russia was brought to a stalemate only 300 miles from Moscow. Also in 2016 the first armed conflict in Space was reported when the first armed shuttle (American) destroyed a Chinese satellite. The Whole of Europe have United into a single fighting force, and many others have joined the fight.

The Stage was now set for a war unlike any other before it, one that would rage in all continents and even in space.

Your Role

Now, you will make a difference in this war. Fight for any nation in any role on any front. From Civilian to Private to General to Space Colonist To... well you get the picture.

Current Issues

Currently there are 6 different major conflicts going on in the world. The first is the Cuban front where the United States launches wave after wave of Amphibious invasions to no effect. The second is on the Russian frontier, where almost every nation fighting has sent troops to support either the Neo-Soviet Union or the Russian Federation

The Third is in India which declared war on North Korea expecting an easy fight, only to be beaten back. Allied nations have diverted even more troops to support them. The Fourth is in the Pacific where America and it's allies fight a naval and island war against China while simultaneously defending Japan from amphibious invasion.

The Fifth is all across the Middle East where each side fights over the oil supplies there.

The Final Front is being fought in orbit. Though citizens of all nations participate, only Japan, the Europian Union, Both Russian Factions (with outdated technology), and China have been able to send actual satellites and ships up. Currently there are 3 Colonies (Japan, United States, China) have been set up on the moon and more nations plan to also join them as valuable heavy metals have been found only slightly below the surface. The current colonies consist of about of about 1000 people and are focused on weapon testing and mining. They live in domes and farm in enclosed biodomes. In other words the colonies are completely self-sustainable. There is talk of mining the asteroid belt and colonies on mars but nothing has been planned as of yet. Though there is always a risk of it, no combat has been recorded on the moon yet.

The Most Valuable technology in space is the anti-ICBM Laser Satellites deployed in orbit around earth. As mentioned above destroying these from the ground can be very difficult due to the speeds at which they orbit the earth (and because the satellites can easily shoot down a missile heading right towards them). Destroying them by means of Space To Space combat has been deemed the most viable option.

Other Military Installations in space include combat shuttles (Only 4 are known of at the moment, 2 owned by the United States, 1 owned by Japan, and 1 by China), Space Stations, and anti-satellite satellites.

Why so much attention? If any nation loses their grid they are open to Nuclear Attack.

The Rules

1. NO GOD MODING. As I've said, play as any role you wish. But no god characters. No scientists with zero combat training heading into battle and trying to be the Terminator.

2. NO UNREALISTIC CRAP.. Yes I know this is the future and some of the ideas I've presented seem outlandish, I still don't want the Chinese to have some sort of super lazer that can decimate whole armies in one shot. In space, try to keep it real, this is 2016 and there are no X-Wings yet. The main element in Space Combat is stealth, actually seeing your target in space is very unlikely due to the vast distances. Yes I know were not physicists... but still.

3. Feel free to be creative, but keep the storyline stable and realistic. (China wouldn't attempt a full scale invasion of America right after the start for instance.)

4. Secondary characters are allowed.


Forum Name:
Character Name:
Role: (Your Job or Rank)
Affiliation: (Which country you belong to and if you are military which branch.)
Skills: (Anything your good at)
Possessions: (Things you have on ya, including weapons)
Current Location:


Forum Name: Jacker
Character Name: Rocky Winx
Role: Rear Admiral of the 6th fleet.
Affiliation: United States Navy
Skills: : Particularly good shot.
Possessions: Sidearm.
Current Location: Pacific Theater.
Bio: Joined the navy early in 1986, Rocky Winx moved through the ranks quickly before finally being honored with the rank of rear admiral in 2010. Though he is mild mannered and easy going off duty, but commands with a stern presence when manning the helm.

I hope to start this as soon as 4 people sign up (including myself). If you have any questions, comments, or helpful criticism feel free to email me. Oh, and anyone can join in no matter what their roleplaying experience is. Once the roleplay starts, feel free to join in at any time.

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