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Originally Posted by areese87 View Post
as Nicol artfully said, the Warp gate analogy doesn't work as well, as you sacrifice the queue (your little auto-build, if you will) for far off teleporting rally points and quick production. There's a choice there! True Macro!

I suggest you read what I've been saying about Warp Gates and macro. It's only really a choice if you're not GOOD enough to keep that Warp Gate constantly busy. I don't have to teleport a unit to some far off place. I can teleport it to appear right in front of the Warp Gate, like what a unit would normally do when popping out of a Gateway.

Originally Posted by Nicol Bolas;475339
There is an advantage in units coming out of a Gateway; they start out in your base. If your enemy [I
flanks[/i] you, avoiding your Warp-In staging area in favor of smiting your base, it's going to take a long time to get your units back. Whereas if you had your units back near your base, that wouldn't have been as much of a problem.

It is better in the sense that you build units faster. But it can leave your base open to possible attack. Not the biggest disadvantage, certainly. And I suspect that most high-end pros will 100% switch to WarpGates ASAP. But it isn't wrong to use Gateways in the way you're describing.
Have you become so obsessed with the idea of using Warp-In to send units around the map that you forgot that 'anywhere in Pylon power' can also mean right in front of the Warp Gate you built it from?

If you have one Gateway and queue 5 Zealots, and I have one Warp Gate, and warp-in my Zealots in front of my Warp Gate as soon as each one finishes building and immediately train another, then, I ask you: which of us will have 5 Zealots in front of our Gateway/Warp Gate faster than the other and for the same price?

You give no reason why the Warp Gate CAN'T be automated. That's why I proposed the idea of a rally point for the Warp Gate which can be enabled/disabled. If you enable it, you can queue units and they'll automatically warp in at the desired location (as long as its in Pylon power) when completed, but if you don't, then they're yours to warp-in when you want to, like in the current system. I think it's a good thing that you've naturalised what IS a 'busywork' macro-rewarding ability. Thank God for that - if Blizzard had put in the aforementioned optional rally point system, then people like you would bitch if it gets removed. Like SuperKiller, I'm happy with this new mechanic as it's just another technique to learn to improve my game over people who don't do it. If Blizzard can somehow integrate more stuff like this and the gas mechanic into all three races to make macro sufficiently challenging and rewarding for the player, then I'd be a happy chappy.

The amount of macro in BroodWar and the challenge to master it is a huge part of the game's longevity and wide variety of skill between players. And as I and others have pointed out - not just the variety in skill between players, but the variety in TYPES of players. It truly is a tremendous thing, and StarCraft 2 should strive to preserve as much as possible.

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