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Originally Posted by areese87 View Post
My apologies to you Grunt. SuperKiller, insert your name in my comment, and Bingo- the truth is revealed.
Then you lack any form of comprehension.

you aren't even worth arguing against, but i'll do it anyway. As far as single unit selection, even warcraft 1 had multiple unit selection... and dune had like 25 unit max, powerful units too. There's really not much else to say, as I can still go back and play those games, and enjoy it very much. ~but fear of change? my favorite thing of all in sc2 so far is the warpgate/warp mechanic, I absolutely ador it. I like the positive, but also negative, impact it can have on the players. It requires a players attention to use properly, and also has alot of strategic value as well. There are alot of things I want in sc2 that are duh that have been done like better unit AI, better response to commands, editor, new units, campaign, strategies, ect. That doesn't mean I want to give up things I enjoy and find unique about SC.

the auto-build unit is referring to the fact that selecting your gateway and constantly pressing z for a zealot is just busywork, when the game can start another zealot as soon as the one you built is complete. the task of going back and having to build another scv when you want another right afterwards can be automatic until you turn it off as well. With as much talk of game tasks being "busywork", this falls very well under that little category. I know the unit queue and losing minerals is the important part, and is the reason I WOULD NOT WANT THE AUTOBUILD (positive/negative relationship here), but in terms of removing as much busy work as possible, it makes sense to be implemented.

and arease87, I have absolutely no idea what your viewpoint is on it, as all you do is meaningless mockery of the subject.

Originally Posted by nicol
Yes, but the only reason to do that is if your APM isn't high enough to do both. If you have enough APM to spend with careful micro and unit production/worker stuff, then there's never a reason why you shouldn't.
Something that seems one-dimensional, such as ordering a worker mine has a multitude of impacts on the game though. When you distract your opponent with harassment, he won't be able to keep up with all of his workers, and suffer. When your opponent is trying to attack from 2 or 3 sides at the same time, he's not easily going to be able to keep up with economic growth. Conversely, the distraction of him going back to perform mining and building troops, can allow you to squeeze in that magical storm that kills 12 hydras that allows you to save your base. Sometimes a player's nonmicro creates oooh moments too. SWPIG said it well when APM, which I'd rather consider as a player's attention, is a limited resource. A player can have 250 APM and still suck donkey balls, so APM isn't really a proper description. This'll happen in SC2 I know, but to a much less degree.

On that note, I'm not necessarily against auto mine, but I don't see an adequate replacement. The new gas mechanic seems awfully overforced. The non-auto-mine procedure is build a worker, order the worker what to do , and he does it. The gas mechanic sounds more like scv dancing between minerals and gas if you want to handle it properly. I haven't played with it, and maybe I could get used to it, but right now I'm not seeing the real positive vs negative on it, just the negative, unless you want to count a few extra minerals. Maybe I'd feel that way about auto mine too, had I not known how big of an impact it really makes.

my fear for SC2, it would be the limited room for improvement. I don't mean in a way that I can macro close to a pro easily , I mean it in a way that I can watch a game of SC that I played and spot all kinds of things I do wrong very very easily and can improve on them. War3 was different, and was, as I felt, incredibly weak in this area, and I don't want SC2 to even come close to that. I know it doesn't look that way right now, but when cookie cutter strategies develop, it may change that entirely. SC has a very broad scope of things that can be improved upon and changed because of the fact that even the best of the best players can do things much better.

those are my thoughts.

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