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Default Arena Registration

This is a tournament where you may battle for fun and the right to put ARENA CHAMPION in your signature. post your characters name, appearance, weapons and/or special powers. I will organize the seed system in this way: until the tourney begins everyone is rated at first seed. when it begins, find someone to fight and pm me who you want to fight. I will pm your victim about the challenge and wait for a response. if there is no response in one week, it is assumed that the challenged party forfeited the match, and seeds will cycle accordingly. if the victor is three or more seeds higher than the loser, seeds will not change. in the first battle, this is how the seeds will change. the victor stays at first seed, and the loser goes to third seed. everyone else is changed to second seed. THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU FIGHT! this is a registry for you to earn the right to fight. The arena champion is the highest seeded player. i will referee the fights, that means if I tell you you are doing something wrong, i expect it to be fixed. if unacceptable behavior such as godmodding becomes chronic, i will kick you out of the tourney. fights will consist of posts detailing taunts, attacks, and movement. each fighter will have 20 posts to fight with, the defender moves first. at the end of the attackers last turn i will reread the thread and post the winner at the end of the thread. the thread should then be considered closed, and all posts in the thread should be ignored. i will also change seeds according to the result. now, lets get REEAAADYYY TOOO RUUUUMBLEEEEEE!
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