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Default Re: WinAce - Always remember, Never forget.

Just thought I'd carry over some of the posts from the temp forums before they're all deleted.

Originally Posted by Killer-Penguin
I'd just like to say that Allan brought this forum together and showed me why I like it so much. When so many people were willing to contribute to try and help one of our beloved members it shows just how great blizzforums really was.

What a trooper Allan was right up until the end. While not exactly active he made sure that we were kept up to date on his condition and he tried to explain it as well as he could. His time was obviously far too short.

RIP Allan (WinAce)

...heh, I always hoped that he would pull through.
Originally Posted by protoswarrior
RIP Allan. I have been a great admirer of WinAce since the first post I have ever seen of him. A truly great loss for everyone, even for those who did not know him. A terrible way (clinically) to go, but also a good (surrounded by people who care about him deeply) way to go...

I'm shocked & saddened, and I will say no more, except I hope he is out of his pain.


My condolensces to all those who loved him.
Originally Posted by Kaizen
Ah, that's terrible.

I credit WinAce with exposing me to debate and argumentation. I remember specifically just being at blizzforums to find new blizzard game development rumours when I came across these interesting concepts of an "unsupported assertion" and logical fallacies which he was talking about in a religious thread. Since then I have considered debate the sole reason I avoided a life of relative stupidity (I do not learn well at school) and as such I owe the cause of my interest entirely to him.

Thank you Allan, you lived a good life and touched many people.
Originally Posted by Cheamy of Doom
This is... horrible.

I barely knew allan. I once on IRC one day and he got on. We talked for awhile, before i even knew it was him. I gained so much respect for him that day. It's hard to believe I'll never get the chance to talk to him again.

Allan was a remarkable person. To be in all that pain, misery, he still managed to get on forums, explain his believes, write, meet a girl who later got engaged to him, and become loved by so many people. And also in the midst of it, he still made jokes. If it was me, or nearly anyone else, I would had gave up. He will be very missed.

R.I.P. Allan.

Scott "Cheamilion" Saffles
Originally Posted by KidSephy
I knew WinAce (I just called him Ace- sorry Ace XD) on the forums for a bit. When I first joined and had a posting frenzy, he and I talked. Later, upon my retrun, he and I talked more- until his activity dropped unexpectedly. Then save-allan surfaced and we realized why.

I myself donated a very small amount to him in the name of myself and my brother, using my mothers debit card (17 and 14 year olds=no bank account gg no re). Upon hearing of Allan's death late last night, my breath actually caught in my chest, and I had to force myself to brethe regularly for about 5 minuets as I read Jessie's post, and his mothers. I took the time to look back at other threads and see just when his condition started to worsen, which happened about a week or two ago.

Allan and friends- I'm sorry for your loss, and sorry for own own losses. But we must remember what a great person Allan truely was and will continue to be in our lives.

May he live on in peace in our hearts as we must continue to do- God bless.


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