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SilentBob 03-09-2006 04:51 AM

READ: Thread Layout Rules - (Larry "Geno" Meyers)
We've been lucky enough to gain this new forum. After a lot of begging, pleading, and head bashing (Or just begging >.>), I got us this. What is this, you might ask?

The Diablo Build forum

This forum will be dedicated to all FULLY COMPLETE builds, and thread ideas that you may have. Now what does this mean? A lot of things. Let's talk rules first, and I'll explain why they're so.

1. No posting uncertain builds - The build you post here must be feesable, you must list all equipment, and if possible, show screenshots, although not needed. This also means that if you post a *QUESTION* about a build here, post it within that thread. If there's no thread about it here, then post in the strategy forum.

2. No spam. This forum is now under heavy moderation. Any posts that I've moved here will remain, fully intact. Anything else beyond what is here I can and will delete if I deem it not worthy. Questions, comments, and the like are acceptable, but none of this +1 bull crap. I will require anyone posting here to have a legitimate reason for being here.

3. No threadjacking. Why? If you have a build similar to one that's here, go ahead and start a new thread. Don't take someone else's thread because you feel like it. Ellmist may create a similar Singer barb to mine, and make a new thread. That's Ok. Maybe he did something different. Even just by a little. Unless the build is EXACTLY the same, which it won't be (Every player is different ), don't post in their thread.

4. If you think something's wrong with a post here, or a thread isn't needed, REPORT THE POST. I have only gotten one reported post the whole time I've been a moderator, but I've deleted close to at least twenty posts. This means that only one twentieth of the time, I'm getting the message. If you see something wrong, don't comment. Just report. I'll fix it as soon as I can. And if not me, Heptameron has a tendency to fly in here, correct things, and slink away >.>

This forum is now being dedicated to any and all builds you have. If you want to share your build, you must include the following:

A. Character (Duh?)
B. General idea of the build (Duh again?)
C. What stats and skills are
D. Equipment
E. An overview
F. Screenshots (Optional)
G. Your comments on the build.

You must have each of these, minus G, to have your build remain here. I might make some lenient decisions if they come up, but very rarely will I stray from this layout now.

Feel free to even write up your take on a Meteorb, Hammerdin, or the like, as long as it follows these guidelines. I want this to be a good area for forumers to look and see builds. From the most basic hammerdin, to the ungodly Angel Sorc, this forum will show it all.

Let's enjoy our new threads here, and have fun!

~Larry "Geno" Meyers

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